Introducing: M+ Guaiac Wood, M+ Black Tea, and M+ Ginger.

"What if I could take the molecule and add just one other beautiful ingredient and see how they danced together in the bottle?"— Geza Schoen

To mark the launch of the three new additions to our revolutionary M+ range, we are exploring movement as the hidden language of scent.

If we could visualise the invisible traces fragrances leave on us, what would they look like? Textures and colours of fragrant notes dancing on the body in redolent skinscapes.

Scentgraphy proposes Geza as an artist, visualising the traces and evocative impressions the M+ fragrances leave on the wearer's skin. We are following the rhythm of molecules underscoring the subtle language of perfumery.

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Let the molecules write themselves into existence as skin-drenching fragrant notes.

M+ Guaiac Wood 100ml Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood

The emulsified smoky note of the heady Guaiac Wood melts into the Iso E Super creating an erogenous skin scent with a creamy warmth and an aroma of a great whisky.

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M+ Black Tea 100ml Molecule 01 + Black Tea

The cedarwood tonality of Iso E Super lends a warm, velvety sensation to the subtle yet complex aroma of the dried leaves of the tea plant camellia sinensis, resulting in an airy yet earthy and slightly bitter infusion.

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M+ Ginger 100ml Molecule 01 + Ginger

The clean and effervescent extraction from the rhizome of the ginger plant intermingles with the velvety landscape of Molecule 01, resulting in a radically fresh M+ offering.

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A tale of fragrant dance.

M+ Guaiac Wood 8.5ml Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood

Imagine wrapping yourself in olfactive layers of creamy warm whisky in the winter, and an emulsified smoke from the fireplace sublimates the room; that’s Guaiac Wood. This fragrance is shrunken down for you to take out and about.

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M+ Black Tea 8.5ml Molecule 01 + Black Tea

M+ Black Tea creates an aromatic cloud of enveloping Iso E Super pierced with the splendour of black tea and maté tea absolue, tempered with bitter-fresh notes and a whisper of florals. Available in a sized-to-try 8.5ml edition to satiate all your spritz-on-the-go needs.

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M+ Ginger 8.5ml Molecule 01 + Ginger

M+ Ginger stands out with its contrasting nuances that are as surprising as they are addictive. Strong yet soothing, peppery but effervescent, ubiquitously familiar and singularly imaginative, housed in an 8.5 ml travel-friendly vessel.

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Movement enables us to express a whole set of emotions. That is what perfumes do. They tell an entire story...