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Escentric Molecules celebrates perfumery as the art of chemistry.

The fragrances are presented in binary pairs. Each pair explores one aroma-molecule in two different ways.

The Escentric fragrance highlights the unique character of the aroma-molecule with ingredients that enhance its key facets.

The Molecule fragrance is radically minimalist. It contains no odorants except the aroma-molecule, pure and singular.

The Escentric and Molecule fragrances in each series are sold separately.

Iso E Super

Escentric Molecules 01 celebrates the hyper-abstraction of Iso E Super in two different fragrances.

Escentric 01 – a formula
Molecule 01 – a molecule


Escentric Molecules 02 celebrates the fresh and sensual resonance of nature-identical AMBROXAN™ in two different fragrances.

Escentric 02 – a formula
Molecule 02 – a molecule

Vetiveryl Acetate

Escentric Molecules 03 celebrates Vetiveryl Acetate, a hybrid of natural root + synthetic, in two different fragrances.

Escentric 03 – a formula
Molecule 03 – a molecule


Escentric Molecules 04 celebrates the futuristic freshness of Javanol, a sheer sandalwood molecule, in two different fragrances.

Escentric 04 – a formula
Molecule 04 – a molecule


Escentric Molecules 05 celebrates Cashmeran, an abstraction of summer on a Mediterranean island, in two different fragrances.

Escentric Molecules owes its existence to an aroma-molecule that does not exist in nature. Iso E Super was created in a laboratory at IFF in 1973.