When rapper Danny Seth first smelt Molecule 01 he knew he had to have it. But what the heck was it? Some bros don’t give up their secrets so easily...


– My friend Jay came to my house smelling amazing. I asked him what it was. He said he couldn’t tell me. I was like “Jay, what is it? Just tell me.” He said it was his secret. At the same time he pitched it like it was some kind of voodoo that made girls lose it. I thought he was bullshitting me. But I have always been very heavily into fragrance. I had to have that smell.

– My mum completely lost it. The day she smelt it on Jay, she became obsessed with it. Every time he came to the house she would work on him like she was some kind of top police interrogator. But he stayed strong. He wouldn’t reveal. For a year. I gave up.

He pitched it like it was some kind of voodoo that made girls lose it.

– And then out of the blue someone crossed her path. My mum was on holiday with her best friend when a guy walked across the beach and as he passed her, she smelt IT. She ran after him and he told her. Molecule 01. He said it was hard to find but he told her where to get it.

– I guess I’m a Molecule 01 superfan. I’m hooked. From Day One of me wearing it, people would come up and ask me what it was. The impact it has on people, there’s nothing to beat it. I love Molecule so much I put it in a song, I arise because... from my album, Perception.

I love Molecule 01 so much I put it in my song, I arise because...

– I have my own secret signature Molecule 01 mash-up. I’ve let a couple of friends in on it, like the rapper, G-Eazy, he’s really into it. And now I guess I’m putting it out there. So here it is. I was told never to mix Molecule 01 with anything else. So obviously that was the first thing I did. My secret superpower is... I mash it up with Molecule 02 and it’s awesome. Sexy don’t begin to describe it.

– It works in the coolest and most natural way. I go out wearing it and women come up to me and ask what I’m wearing. That’s all. It’s an ice-breaker. It means I have to do zero work. They come to me and we just start talking.

– I’m a white English boy making US hip hop. For the last five years I’ve lived between London and LA and maybe that’s where I feel most at home – between. I don't really fit anywhere. It helps me keeps an open mind. Molecule means I feel solid wherever I am. M01 + M02 is unique, it’s home, it's me. I carry the baby bottles of them everywhere. They are my little oxygen tanks. Couldn’t live without them.

Check out new release Bone Marrow by G-Eazy featuring Danny Seth on SoundCloud.

'I Arise Because' – Danny Seth